Film wear design in Polyurethane

Film wear design in Polyurethane
Victoria Bozo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010




This collection is a depiction of the "era of polymers"
I listened to corporate cannibal a lot to create.

The purpose of this collection is to deliver visual messages :
It is my concern that this plastic era, as i call it, would eventually end in collapse and like in any sci-fi film, this would naturally lead to “the rebirth of a new era”: THE ERA OF LIGHT this would vanish the numbness of inmanence, the over the face, the cubes of plastic filled with nothing.

This is my inmense obssesion, the conjunction technology art … Leds, Electronically deviced  clothes, hollogram shows, 3d animation, Vfx, and of course the link of it all to the fashion industry brought me to LA to learn to represent my vision through new softwares: Wanting to deliver from technological conceptualization, a message perhaps brutal and grotesque that criticizes in general the arrogance of this era by sewing chic polyurethanes into clothes.

Ela Acosta

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